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The Ins And Outs of How We Do Business

  • Do you charge hourly or "by the job"?
    We always bid "by the job". This ensures we stay focused and give each client our best work effort each time.
  • What are your rates?
    We like to start off with a free walkthrough to get to know your space and hear your needs. We don't like to treat clients like numbers and for that reason we tend not to give quotes over the phone or online.
  • Do you give senior discounts?
    We do! Whether you're in your golden years or you're on a set income, we can work with your budget.
  • Do you bring your own cleaning supplies?
    Yes, we are completely self-sufficient and don't require any supplies on your part. We do ask that you have a vacuum on-site because some clients of ours have pets and others don't and we would like to minimize cross contamination. But if this is not possible, then let us know and we will bring one with us.
  • What kind of chemicals do you use?
    We don't use bleach. We have found adequate alternatives that are not so harsh on your surfaces, our lungs, or your noses. 😷 We prefer eco-friendly and low-odor chemicals that sanitize everything and even kill coronavirus.
  • Do you only clean houses?
    Not at all. You name it, we'll clean it.
  • Do you set up for parties or clean up after parties?
    Yes we would consider this service a "special project" and will be billed as such. Call for special pricing and information.
  • Do you do move-in/move-out cleans?
    Yes. These are usually a bit more extensive and for that reason, a bit more costly.
  • Do you do "one-off" cleans or scheduled cleans only?
    Although routine cleans are the way to go when wanting to keep a clean house, we do not shy away from one-time cleans.
  • Do you work on holidays?
    Yes, but the price will reflect that. It may be best to schedule your clean before or after a holiday.
  • Is there any special training you've received as a house cleaner?
    YES! We have undergone extensive training with some of the top trainers in the industry and have gotten certified in many different areas. Please refer to our "Certificates" portfolio.
  • Do you do laundry?
    Yes. We offer different ways to accomplish this. Either taking laundry off-site to do it or by completing it at your house, each case is different. Call for a personalized plan that works for you.
  • Do you do dishes or empty the dishwasher?
    Yes. When we leave your house, it will be clean. Period.
  • Is it okay if pets hangout in the same room you are cleaning?
    Of course. With that being said, if your pet is a liability or danger to our staff, we ask that you take proper precautions to ensure a safe work environment for your cleaner(s).
  • Is it okay if my kids are in the same room you are cleaning?
    Although we don't mind an audience and we do use safe cleaning products, we are a cleaning company, not babysitters, and we ask that you use common sense when leaving your kiddos alone around chemicals and in the way of our staff.
  • Are you bonded, insured and licensed to clean houses? Is your staff?
    Yes, yes, yes and yes.
  • Do you clean windows?
    Yes, you name it, we clean it.
  • Do you clean the same thing each time or do you cycle through chores?
    We use a checklist and go off of it each time. It keeps things simple and straight forward. You pay for X, Y and Z, then you'll get X, Y and Z. If you want something else done, then we can do that, but it will change the bid.

Payments Accepted

Billing & Pricing

All major forms of payments are accepted except we do not currently accept checks on any kind.

Cancellation Policy

Stuff is going to happen. At one point or another -- for whatever reason, one of us is going to need to reschedule our cleaning. Communication is key. Call, text or email as soon as you know there is a conflict and we’ll do our best to reschedule your cleaning at the next earliest convenience. We will do the same. As long as we have a 24-hour notice there will be no $50 cancellation charge.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Our commitment is to ensure your complete satisfaction. In the event that any aspect of the agreed-upon cleaning does not meet your expectations entirely, we kindly request that you contact us within 24 hours at 503-919-6874. We will promptly arrange for a follow-up cleaning to address and rectify any concerns you may have. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

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